RAP/WordPress™ Membership Solution!

Rapid Action Press is the newest and most flexible RAP Addon and WordPress Plugin combination ever unleashed on the market. It essentially turns your WordPress™ blog into a full-scale membership site, allowing you to protect and time-delay "drip" content based on valid purchases, active subscriptions and/or membership plus accounts and their dates of transaction.

Not only that, because it's RAP product-driven, this powerful addon enables multiple levels of 'membership' (or "access privileges") on your WordPress installation by validating their purchases. This includes any checks going cross-domain, with or without having Paypal Subscriptions Addon enabled, and with or without Membership Plus Addon in the picture!

The potential is truly limitless, especially when you consider the flexibility built into the addon's admin area and how this extends your ability to use this addon for even more applications than simply WordPress™...

but for a few moments, let's not digress... and go quickly over the extremely powerful features of this WordPress™ plugin and RapidActionProfits Addon combo in particular.


So We're Totally Clear...

No hype! No pontification! No extra 'selling' tactics needed! Just making you completely aware of these few audaciously true facts you will want to know.

Let's make this totally and unmistakeably clear ... YOU WILL ONLY NEED to have the RapidActionProfits Core Script, the Rapid Action Press addon, and a [FREE] WordPress Blog installation, - to build a ridiculously flexible, content drip-feed solution, that can be setup to totally automate your 'Micro-Continuity', Single/Multiple Product Membership, Free Giveaway Membership Program entirely!

Not to mention the extra BONUS included... to *really* make your WordPress + RAP combination platter a real zinger! {see below Features for details}


Features & Benefits

  • Control access to content within posts and pages based on whether a registered user on your blog has purchased one of your products (you decide which ones, or which GROUP of products to check - even if it's on a different domain entirely!)
  • Control access based on if they used your affiliate link to make a particular purchase - by making it available (or offer up bonus material as incentive) based on if they used your particular affiliate link to purchase another Rapid Action Press owner's products). (protected content only becomes available if they got it thru your affiliate link)
  • Drip content on your WordPress™ (or really... anywhere) by specifying the number of days which must pass since their initial purchase to make content viewable (drip content without a full-blown membership site)
  • Show or not show particular Posts/Pages on your WordPress™ based on days registered!
  • Allow access to particular Posts/Pages on your WordPress™ based on days after purchase! OR, ... simply requiring that they did indeed purchase any particular product.
  • Create "Teasers" on a Per-Post basis, allowing you to hint at (or sell them on) what's available once access is granted (or the qualifying RAP product purchase has been made) and how to gain access.
  • Allow exclusive auto-registration thru this Rapid Action Press Addon - allowing you to turn-off the Anyone can register option and still create new users on-the-fly in your WordPress™ via your RAP download page!
  • Quick addon admin setup and only one token in the template page where you typically deliver your purchased content by the standard RAP access pages (ie. 'download.html', 'taf.html', etc.), and all of the user information and user account auto-registration is completely handled by the addon.
  • Allow/Deny access is based on a very complex checking of transaction refunds and subscription cancellations (unless you have the membership addon and choose to override it - yes, we even check that too!) - so your content access is constantly checked against the most up-to-date information possible, without you being required to have any excessive scripting or requiring you to be on the same domain!
  • Remote blog registration handled securely using a special WordPress™ password/key set from within this exclusive plugin.
  • Auto-register them to one or more WordPress blogs at the same time, expedites account registration to multiple blogs, while minimizing customer having to create multiple accounts on multiple domains. It's all handled on the back-end.


Taking it Further!

  • No mess, no bother, simple 2 field form entry and confirmation after WP Membership is created and access is granted.
  • No complex stray files sitting in different product directories, the Rapid Action Press Addon handles it all.
  • Easier and more controlled method for keeping your loyal purchasers/subscribers loyal to purchasing through your affiliate links! (using our affiliate check for those who used your link to buy another person's RAP product)
  • No more email submissions to confirm whether they BOUGHT thru your affiliate links!
  • Instant JV, and combined promotion possibilities abound, as two or more partners can promote any RAP product(s) and allow access to their contributed, exclusive downloads or content based entirely using this addon.
  • Easily promote via Firesales, "Giveaway"-type,... or any other combined promoter/contributor's - and allow instant access to all of thier contributed products via this exclusive and highly secure check for a confirmed and still valid RAP-based purchase.
  • Evergreen access checking insures that content delivered via WordPress™ is always up-to-date, so that you no longer have to confirm whether or not someone's access should be revoked, limited, or completely denied.
  • No additional scripting is necessary, only simple tokens on your WordPress™ Posts or Pages
  • Works without having to purchase the standalone Membership Plus Addon - allowing you to use RAP and this addon to create a drip-content, membership site using RAP and WordPress™ alone! If you're wanting to have subscriptions - you'll want to also grab the ever-popular PayPal Subscriptions Addon.


More Features

  • Flexibility in the URLs to create accounts, in the addon admin area, abound as you're not really tied to WordPress™ - although this is what the addon was built around.
  • We'll explain how you can not only use this on WordPress™ but also using it on a totally different php page/site. Oh yeah, this is where the fun starts to happen.
  • Want more information sent to the WordPress™ Plugin? or want form data on that page sent to 2-3 (or 10!) other sources? No problem, our flexible Rapid Action Press Addon Admin area allows for this flexibility. And we'll show you how!
  • Membership without RAP Membership Plus - allows you an extremely powerful position to managing multiple levels of access on any WordPress™ without having to run the members thru the Membership Plus Addon whatsoever. There are massive benefits to using Membership Plus Addon along side of the feature, but Rapid Action Press allows you to avoid that purchase altogether. If you're wanting to have subscriptions - you'll want to also grab the ever-popular PayPal Subscriptions Addon.
  • Tokenizing the Posts/Pages in WordPress™ using the Rapid Action Press Addon for RAP allows you extreme flexibility in allowing access to content, based SOLELY on determining if their purchase is valid or in-valid, if their membership/subscription is cancelled, in-active, or active!
  • We even accomodate for all combinations and possibilities that the Membership Plus Addon offers in allowing access if they've cancelled/refunded their purchase (or even other way around - they didn't refund/cancel, but you've blocked them).


Limited Time Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus!
Includes a FREE copy of our SecureDL WordPress Plugin to protect your Amazon S3 and non-S3 links, same or cross-domain, even files above the root!

Actual Retail Value: $67!
Yours FREE for purchasing today!

Extremely Limited Time Bonus!
Purchase by midnight November 9th, 2010 - as a part of our 1 yr anniversary since launching RapidActionPress - we're throwing in a FREE copy of our PayPal Subscription Addon... ! this addon complements RapidActionPress and allows you to raise your income to unthinkable incomes, and opportunities to sell your products/memberships.

Actual Retail Value: $67!
Yours FREE for purchasing today!


Recently Added Updates

  • Extreme drip customization with start and end timeframes, exact dates, and finer grain time specifications down to the second.
  • Affiliate stat tokens
  • No more having to constantly reset a customer's download link. Now, you can include it in protected content and it'll be automatically extended for the brief period of time it takes them to acquire their purchase.
  • Display detailed information about the user's sale.
  • Special promotion link tokens to give credit to the affiliate who referred the original sale.
  • API for validating customer purchases programmatically.

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