ClickBank Leaderboard Plugin for WordPress

Automatically Generate 'Live' ClickBank™ Affiliate Sales Summary Charts for Your Own Personal Promotions or Merchant Contests — Using this Powerful New Plugin for WP™


100% Always Up-To-Date, Completely 'Hands-Off' Leaderboard and Sales Summaries shaves off hours of number-crunchin', enabling you to earn more.


Finally Merchants AND Affiliates alike - have a simple method to get a sales snapshot on their WordPress™ sites!


From: "Red" Bill and Erin aka "netkickstart"

Being Blunt — Leaderboards and Contests Work!

People LOVE getting their name slapped on a table somewhere on the web - in blinking lights! But showcasing your results as an affiliate for your own product sales, or as a vendor - using a leaderboard is extremely time-consuming, and un-bearably cumbersome!

Pssst! We're also going to show you why this plugin is a dream time-saver for affiliates, so keep reading!

Compiling Your Affiliate Stats - "Ugh!"

... a very painful, time-consuming process!

Whether you're an Affiliate wanting to stay up-to-date on your most recent promotions, or a Merchant/JV Manager wanting to get a snapshot of how your affiliates are performing (ie., for a leaderboard/contest) - it's a PAIN in the #%^&@! to go into Clickbank™ to quickly get what you want.

Most Clickbank™ affiliates or merchants are getting their stats the hard way!

the Hard Way

When Clickbank™ Affiliates, Merchants and/or JV Managers want to compile sales stats (or just get a 'snapshot') for themselves or to show others publicly - in either just a simple chart, or (tada!) a leaderboard - THIS is the process they have to currently use:

Then, it hits you - that feeling that puts beads of sweat on your back... you realize forgot to handle refunds, re-bills, combining clickbank affiliate accounts into one ranking, etc...

... and some of you are wasting countless hours, per week! doing it the hard way!


.... Not to mention the cold, hard-hitting fact that you'll be left to do that all over again, when people ask for an updated list of the contest rankings - if you're using these stats in a contest format - like most JV Managers or Merchants are doing... constantly. *Ugh!*

Needless to say, you won't be fighting that battle anymore!

Simple Shortcode Does It All!

Outta-the-box, you simply obtain your access 'keys' from ClickBank - which takes all of of about 3 minutes (it's point-n-click stuff). Once placed within the plugin settings, type the following into any Page, Post or Text Widget area within WP™:


That's it!

And voila! ... it produces beautiful 'live' sales summary 'snapshot' tables for either you as an affiliate or for your affiliates in a Leaderboard/Contest (like below) — or the countless other variations that follow on this page!




extend  the rap mailer



This Plugin Is Perfect For...



GOBS of showcasing options available!

Both CB Affiliates AND CB Merchants alike — enjoy these benefits:

Additional Fully-Documented Options Include:

Plus, for all the techies,...

Even more advanced options goodness!

... can you say 'WOW!'


Developer Version

Only $67.00

You are allowed to install this for clients you work with - under your direction, management, agreements with i.e., JV Managers, Copywriters.

Personal Use Only Version

Only $27.00

You are allowed to use it on any domain you personally own and do not share with anyone else. This license is for your personal use and benefit only!