New Release!!!

The new WordPress Integration Pack now makes RapidActionProfits Membership Plus Sites even more powerful, scalable and extendible, taking them into unthinkable realms, with the power and ease of use that is the hallmark of WordPress.

Now, you can auto-create user accounts into any WordPress blog and gradually drip-feed content to those members/users for either existing RAP membership sites or new ones - by extending your Membership Plus Add-On with this WordPress Integration Pack (the very first of many extensions to follow for Membership Plus)!

Taking RAP Membership Even Higher!

As of v1.2, the Membership Plus Add-On itself has extension capability. Simply upload the folder to your RAP Membership Plus Add-On directory, activate the WordPress Integration Pack, and upload two lightweight WP plugins to instantly harness the power of WordPress by having user accounts created and synchronized across the two systems.

Make sure you read each and every benefit below to ensure you truly understand the exhaustive nature of this extension package and its raw capability and flexibility - keeping in mind that once you install and unlock your potential to creating and managing acconts in your WordPress blog - you've unleashed a whole new world of using not only the gradual content delivery plugin (included) but also the countless thousands of other plugins WordPress has to offer. All while maintaining the RAP Membership platform's powerful security features, download area, and payment handling.

"Plug-N-Play" Functionality

This 'plug-n-play' package makes use (for the first time ever) the RAP Membership Plus Add-On's own addon architecture. In addition, this package consists of two WordPress Plugins - incorporating gradual/drip content of entire or partial WordPress posts and pages, with the addition of auto-creating, integrating, updating RAP membership members into any WordPress installation in a seamless, fully synchronized, and automated way - even if your WordPress installation is on a completely different domain!


Package Features

  • Simple 2 minute install - gets you up and running immediately!
  • Lightweight code allows for extremely easy implementation and non-interference with current WordPress plugins and RAP Add-Ons
  • Creates members instantly into WordPress upon logging into your RAP membership site.
  • Auto-updates to passwords and other pertinent details in WordPress registration from RAP Membership Plus site - instantly!
  • Single Sign-On allows only one sign-in... to the RAP membership site - and the code takes care of the rest... even if you go cross-domain to the blog via link.
  • Allows for cross-domain uses - meaning you can create your RAP membership site on and create their user profile in WordPress on
  • Easy setup of their auto-created user account via the exclusive Membership Plus onboard addon technology (v1.2+) - by choosing from the panel which type of WordPress user you'd like.
  • Syncronizes RAP Membership and WordPress user records instantly, including the handling of all members' activation statuses (when any member is locked out of the membership site - WordPress is instantly updated to lock them out too).
  • Forces users to login via the RAP membership site - ensuring they'll revisit the exclusive features only found in the extremely flexible and feature-rich functionality of the Membership Plus Add-On.
  • Allows for "drip-content" of WordPress Posts and Pages - either protecting all, part or none of the post with the simple installation of the RAP Member Plugin - originally developed by our partners at netkickstart.
  • Allows you to use teasers (short snippets of text) visible to anyone, including search engines, while keeping your main contents protected and accessible only to members. This feature helps your membership site to be found by prospects on all search engines.
  • Handles functionality as prescribed by the membership levels set in the RAP Membership Plus Add-On.
  • Delivers content gradually based on days since registration also distinguishes between standard and OTO purchasers.
  • Enables you to show posts with a teaser (and limited content) or don't show the post at all - yet still have it preloaded into your blog posts - awaiting distribution based on membership length!
  • No need to use IonCube or any other fancy unencryption software whatsoever.


Package Benefits

  • Time saving features like auto-creating WordPress user registrations - without the need of having to bother your members to create a new account on your WordPress blog. This is all done behind the scenes when they register for their RAP membership account.
  • Exclusive auto-creation for already existing members from your RAP membership sites - saving you hours of endless importing; this is automatically done without having to import users or request another registration.
  • Extreme flexibility allowing you to integrate multiple memberships from multiple RAP membership site domains all into a single WordPress installation.
  • Hack-free guarantee eliminates you having to acquire different unrelated code to make it work with the power of RAP and RAP Membership. This is a fully integrated solution intended to work entirely with RAP and WordPress.
  • You get to stay focused on what matters most - providing high-quality content to your members, whlie centralizing your member management - all from within your RAP Membership Plus Add-On Admin area.
  • Keeps life simple and light... with our lightweight code allows for you to use all of your current WordPress plugins and any new ones.
  • Allows you to maximize the power of WordPress (via the 10,000's of additional plugins), while harnessing the sales and membership management of RAP and the Membership Plus Add-On.
  • No headaches in version or installation issues of IonCube'd scripts... it's not even needed!

Get up and running in minutes, by getting the WP Integration Pack for RAP Membership Plus for
only $77

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